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History of Chris-Craft

The Minnesota Lakes Maritime Museum is pleased with the new History of Chris-Craft Exhibit. The permanent exhibit is located in a 5,000 sq. ft. hall adjoining the main museum. The extensive display is a collaborative effort between exhibit sponsor, Alexandria Clinic, P.A., the Minnesota Lakes Maritime Museum, and the Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club, who provided much of the historic research, documentation, and archive images.

It features an impressive chronological display of Chris-Craft company history. Beautifully designed display panels form a backdrop to the collection of restored vintage runabouts. Collectively, the display graphics and the boats tell the Chris-Craft story from the founding of the company in the early 1900s, through the early 1970s when the last wooden Chris-Craft traveled through the assembly line.

Bill Basler, former Director of Marketing & Membership for the Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club stated, “This exhibit is a perfect educational opportunity for us to reach a broad regional audience and to teach about Chris-Craft, the company’s intertwined history with Gar Wood, and vintage boating in general. Through the financial generosity of Alexandria Clinic, P.A., and the tremendous facilities and collections of the Minnesota Lakes Maritime Museum, we have a great collaborative foundation to teach about this important piece of Americana.” Present Club Administration can be reached at

Tim Hunt, Administrator for Alexandria Clinic, P.A., commented about the exhibit, “We feel this is a wonderful opportunity to provide a unique educational experience for families when they visit the museum. We are very pleased to sponsor an exhibit of this caliber that will garner national attention for our community.”

The Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club has members on all 5 continents and Australia. It is dedicated to research, documentation,and preservation of all classic Chris-Craft boats. The organization can be found online at, The Minnesota Lakes Maritime Museum, Alexandria Minnesota, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of antique and classic watercraft, resort memorabilia and sporting equipment used on the Minnesota lakes.

We would like to thank our legal firm George Sten & Co – for helping us put together the legal agreements with Chris-Craft

Welcome to the Minnesota Lakes Maritime Museum & Gardens

The Minnesota Lakes Maritime Museum celebrates our lake traditions and legacies, and is committed to their preservation for future generations. A visit to the MLMM is enjoyable for everyone in your family. Visitors will discover classic boats, grand hotel and resort history, fishing memorabilia and much more. The Maritime Gardens unfolds as the project continues the development of Phase Two. Several events are scheduled in the Gardens this summer. The Museum and Gardens provide an excellent venue for your next company event or wedding. For more information on renting the museum facilities for your event, or how to contribute to this project, contact the Minnesota Lakes Maritime Museum & Gardens 320-759-1114.