Cell Phone Tour

Legacy of the Lakes Museum and Gardens Cell Phone Tour
Legacy of the Lakes Museum and Gardens, cell phone tour offers our visitors information about points of interest. Small signs are posted that indicate a cell phone audio stop. You can access the tour stops in any order you wish. Just dial 320-345-7705, followed by the stop number or scan the QR code.

Listening to the Audio Tour
We encourage you to bring your own earphones to hear the audio. Earphones are not required, but they will keep your arm from getting tired. You may listen to the tour as you would a phone call. Speaker mode is discouraged in the Museum.

This service is provided at no cost to you. However, please be aware your normal plan minutes may apply.

We encourage you to leave us feedback about your experience here today by entering “star zero” at the end of any audio stop. Thank you and enjoy your visit.

Link to the tour: